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Fat Bikes!

Here I am on the White River State Trail in Wisconsin and as you can see, its packed with snow. There is no way my mountain bike is going to get down this trail. The solution? Get myself a Fat Bike! I only learned about Fat Bikes a couple years ago when I joined myContinue reading “Fat Bikes!”

Reclaiming My Health and Community Connection on America’s Rail-Trails During the Pandemic

You will find this published story on the Rails to Trails Conservancy Blog. Riding these trails has been so impactful; it has brought me a healthy way to work out the stresses of life—and a peace of mind. Two more bonuses have been improving my physical condition and learning more about my local businesses. LikeContinue reading “Reclaiming My Health and Community Connection on America’s Rail-Trails During the Pandemic”

Bike Shopping In a Pandemic

Shopping for a bike during the pandemic can take longer than normal. If getting a bike is on your to do list, I’d recommend getting a jump start and begin the process now. Its crazy but some high end manufacturers and popular bikes/builds have anticipated deliveries of March 2022.


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Hi, I’m Anamaria. I am a full time mom of two amazing boys that are about to fly the coop. Finding more time to myself, I’ve decided to pursue my passion for biking and feel compelled to support my local businesses. As I look for more meaningful ways to show my support, here’s my blog sharing my favorite adventures with you!

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