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International Woman’s Day- 3 You Tubers for Getting in Shape Pre-Season

As the first day passes with temperatures over 65 degrees, I realize that outside riding is almost here.  Yet, as Midwesterners know, one warm day in the beginning of March does not a beginning of spring riding make!  It does mean you have two months to get in better shape before biking season. Let’s get…

Fat Bikes!

Here I am on the White River State Trail in Wisconsin and as you can see, its packed with snow. There is no way my mountain bike is going to get down this trail. The solution? Get myself a Fat Bike! I only learned about Fat Bikes a couple years ago when I joined my…


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Hi, I’m Anamaria. I am a full time mom of two amazing boys that are about to fly the coop. Finding more time to myself, I’ve decided to pursue my passion for biking and feel compelled to support my local businesses. As I look for more meaningful ways to show my support, here’s my blog sharing my favorite adventures with you!

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