International Woman’s Day- 3 You Tubers for Getting in Shape Pre-Season

As the first day passes with temperatures over 65 degrees, I realize that outside riding is almost here.  Yet, as Midwesterners know, one warm day in the beginning of March does not a beginning of spring riding make!  It does mean you have two months to get in better shape before biking season. Let’s get our pre-season workout on!

Ok, so you may have been one of the lucky folks riding a fat bike all winter. If not, you’ll want to start a regular workout routine, so you’re dying less on that first hill. Maintaining and building muscle is important for anyone over 30; remember to include a good weight training session during the colder months. You can concentrate on heavy aerobic work in the summer and fall. Once Spring/Summer begins, start warming up your bike legs on easier flat trails like the White River State Trail,

With a couple of years dealing with gym closings due to the pandemic, You Tube subscribers have grown trememdously. Here’s a trifecta of You Tube folks that will provide a well rounded pre-season workout for warming up, weight training, and flexibilty.

pre season workout

The Warm Up

Mad Fit’s Dance Party Workouts, is a lighthearted channel with many workouts. This young Canadian with over 6M followers has short 10-15 minute dance routines that get your heartrate up, perfect for a warm up. She has routines of all lengths and those that target specific muscle groups with a focus on those you can do at your home. The dance party routines are easy to master, fun to do, and get my muscles ready for my second channel, Caroline Girvan.

Workout with Weights

Caroline Girvan, an extremely fit personal trainer. has put together several training series that include 10 week, 5 day workouts.  Dumbbels, a band occasionally and your body weight are needed. While she’s a beast in strength and works with 25- 35lb weights, I grab my 15 lb. and when fatigued go to my 7.5 lbs.  The timed sets have varying rests and can range from 40 minutes to an hour workout depending on what series you are doing.

I started with her hour long Epic I series and then Epic II. I’m currently in the middle of her Heat series which are 35 min- 40 min but no less grueling. These workouts will kick your butt, build muscle, and keep you heart rate up for great calorie burn. The exersizes challenge because they are always changing and keep your body guessing. I’ll warn you, they are not for the feint of heart, so feel free to use the pause button and catch your breath, I certainly do.   

Yoga for Flexibility

For a great end of workout stretch and feeling of calm, Yoga by Cassandra, is the best. She has a 30 day, 10 minute morning routine with Yin Vinyasa yoga which is a little faster pace than hatha yoga but with the intent on stretching your body for better fluid movement. It’s the perfect end to a good workout and getting into the right headspace to start your day right.

These three lady you tubers are my one, two, three punch that help me get a start in the day. Once I’m done with a workout, I feel that much closer to being ready for a long bike riding season. Looking forward to the wind and scenery rushing past me with wondrous ease.

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