Looking for outdoor family adventure near Lake Geneva? Lake Geneva Ziplines & Adventures is the place.

Ziplines Yello Trail

You’ll find ziplining, a climbing wall and over 12 miles of hiking and single track mountain biking trails.

Lake Geneva Ziplines & Adventures is a 5 minute drive from Lake Geneva and sits on 100 acres of beautiful Wisconsin forest. Ziplining, wall climbing, and team building are are a few of their activities that will lend to a great family outing. My visit was to check out their bike trails. Day passes or a seasonal ones are available to use the trails and have an adventure.

Some back story on the business that started in March 2011. Treadfest, (a local biking group race), hosted their annual bike race here in 2020 and that’s how I learned of the 12 miles of bike trails on the land. Some of the treadhead members were even part of the original trail developers, carving out paths that weave in and out of prairie, cedar groves and pines. The trails are well done and can pass the sniff test of any seasoned mountain biker.

Treadfest 2020 at Ziplines’

A Good Yet Challenging Beginning MTB Trail Near Lake Geneva

For this visit, my main goal was to see if my minimal mtb skills were enough to have a good ride. To learn about each trail’s difficulty level, I pumped the teen behind the desk for information on the “easiest” route. He encouraged me to try the yellow trail.

I’m not a regular on single track trails. I’ve ridden Waterfall Glen and some other trails in the Palos Forest Preserve System, just the wider trails. You’ll want to have some single track experience to consider the yellow trail as “easy”. Definitely be comfortable with going through a narrow path between trees, angled turns and many roots. If you find yourself feeling uneasy, you always have the option to walk the bike or exit out of the 6 points on the trail that lets you do so.

I had a lot of fun testing my mtb skills! It started to rain, got slippery and I picked up a little too much speed coming on a turn and had a not so graceful wipe out. I did deftly maneuver to avoid crashing into a fallen tree branch though so that was a win.

Memories were made and it was a good challenge. Here are a few things I learned:

  1. Always wear your helmet.
  2. Falling is not all that bad.
  3. Keep your focus is about 10 feet ahead of you. Looking down makes the small natural obstacles feel more daunting.

To give you a glimpse of what you can expect, below is a short fun video to give you an idea.

Enjoy and let me know if you make it there!

They are ready to go Ziplining!

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