Lemont Local, Bob Koutoulogenis

Meet Bob, was able to catch him for a few minutes while working!

Fork & Spoon

After looking at restaurants in Lemont that would pair nicely post ride of the Waterfall Glen trail, I landed on Fork & Spoon. I chose it because the food looked great and the name drew me in. It just stood out amongst the others.

When I asked the owner, Bob Koutoulogenis, how the name came about, he said, “Well, my wife and I sat down in the middle of the restaurant space and started brainstorming different variations. We were just started throwing them out and writing them down.”

With a smile he added, “Eventually, we went with the favorite, of my wife’s”. Smart man.

Bob was a 1992 Stagg High School graduate and now his family live in Lemont. He has been working in restaurants since he was 12. Nick Koutoulogenis, his father, an original partner at L&M Starlight Restaurant at 83rd and Kedzie in Chicago, retired and Bob became a partner; eventually he sold his interest to open Fork & Spoon on June of 2018.

Like other restaurants, they have been impacted by the pandemic. While I was there in May, they were only serving takeout with a much reduced staff. They had cleaning detergent out and were wiping down as I entered and as I was leaving.

The place was spotless.

For myself, I ordered an egg white, cremini, and spinach omelet and for my son, the chocolate chip pancakes. By the time I got home it was still warm, not saturated by too much grease and with an abundance of condiments to go with the food. The pancakes were still fluffy and the chocolate chips were plentiful.

The English muffin, which was not supposed to come with the omelet, was tucked on the side, wrapped in cellophane. They had thrown it in. SMILE.

The woman on the phone must have had mercy on me when I was clearly bummed that it was either the fruit or the english muffin. I reluctantly ordered the fruit.That small gesture endeared me to the restaurant and I’m eager to go back with a group next time.

That and the fact that Bob agreed to a spontaneous mini interview even though it was completely on the spot and I told him I was just starting out.

Since I was there in early May, they’ve added outside picnic tables that are spread apart quite nicely.

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Their menu has your favorite breakfast and lunch go-to’s with bonus unique items like, turtle pancakes, banana bread French toast, Nutella crepes, Banana Foster waffles and a nutritious harvest green smoothie. Beverages have a wide variety with organic teas, mimosas, Bloody Marys, Almond milk and Two Brother’s roasted coffee.

It took me 14 minutes from the 8.7 mile away Waterfall Glen trail entrance off of Cass Avenue. The route via 83 and 171 are curvy scenic roads and Fork & Spoon is an ideal place to go after a ride.

Check it out and let me know how you liked it!


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