Furloughed! OMG to Hello Me

It had been three months.

Being furloughed and collecting unemployment for the first time in my life had been a real life changer. I loved my company, my boss, my colleagues, my clients, and the role I had in growing the business.  Each success gave a sense of accomplishment and it was my home away from home.

But I was not alone. My firm needed to furlough over 10,000 employees across the country to keep the integrity of the business. They didn’t want to do it, they had to do it and I know they were doing everything in their power to bring everyone back. A day we would all welcome. (Update I did get brought back!)

In the meantime, it had been a true exploration of self with various stages in dealing with the new normal.

At the beginning of the “Covid Period”, adjusting to its stark reality of having to stay home and learn to just “be” without a regular routine was a bit overwhelming and unnerving. There was no more getting up at 6am, heading to work and returning home 12 hours later. Sleep didn’t come easy those first few weeks and like so many others, developing poor habits like going to bed late, watching endless minutes of TikToks, daily drinks, and just plain waking up late morning did not do well for the psyche.

I mean, waking up in the late morning?! I haven’t done that since I was nursing kids in the middle of the night with a Stephen King book in one hand, a baby bottle in the other and a newborn in between. As you all can probably relate, a lack of routine and sleep, can certainly throw you off your game.

Thankfully my sleep returned to normal along with a new and cherished routine of waking early, writing or editing, exercising, gardening, doing house projects, and cooking and cleaning with/for my two teenage boys.

The uncertaintly still lingered and well received words of encouragement from good friends offered a great pick me up for those days when you started to feel a little lost. Creating positive uplifting experiences have become more and more important.

Focusing on the positives and engaging in joyful activities all while helping others is what kept me happy and keeps me happy today.

Here’s to finding your “happy”.

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